February 4th marked day one of our SLSC initiative, to educate the Nippers about the importance of sustainability and hopefully get them on board as recruits, in our mission to ban single use plastic on every Australian beach by 2020. 1000 Clean Oceans branded stainless steel bottles, 2 refill stations, 2 trestle tables, 1 small marquee and not enough pairs of  hands were all we had in our arsenal, marching into battle!

We set ourselves up next to Bondi Bathers Surf Club, carefully displayed our beautiful blue bottles and strategically placed the BBQ in our immediate vicinity, you simply can’t walk past the aroma of bacon, eggs and sausage, sizzling away on the hot plate early on a Sunday morning (we hoped this would attract additional troops willing to learn about our cause – it did!). Shortly after placing the final bottle on display, the Nippers flocked towards our humble setup, eager and ready to learn. Proudly, we addressed them, their families and passers-by, introduced them to our organisation & educated them on what Clean Oceans is all about. We like to think the audience was captivated by our every word,but in truth they were probably  more interested in the exciting new addition to their kit (the bottles) and the fancy refill stations behind us. Split into age groups, the Nippers gathered around us like the local seagulls gather around a discarded chip and proceeded to peck at us eating one chip at a time until we had nothing left. All of them anxious and excited to receive their very own Clean Oceans bottle. One by one we gifted each Nipper with their own brand new bottle & directed them to the shiny new refill stations to top up. Everything was going along swimmingly, until disaster strikes and we run out of bottles. Sadly a very small selection of Nippers missed out, not to fear though, we will be tirelessly spreading our message & gifting people with tools to make sustainable choices, until our mission is completed. A good lesson to learn ahead of our official launch, which will take place in Coogee on February 18th. Stay tuned, until then!