Every year, Clean Oceans takes part in numerous initiatives to stop plastics entering our oceans. This past year is no exception.  

Clean Oceans conduct activations and re-activations in surf life saving clubs, educating lifesavers and new generations of nippers and implementing practices to eliminate plastics off our beaches. Clean Oceans distributes reusable bottles, filtered refill stations and marketing banners to clubs. SUEZ, one of Clean Oceans’ major sponsors, and Clean Oceans’ co-branded collateral, reaches 16,000 parents, 16,000 senior club members and 15,000 kids, both physically and digitally on a weekly basis. Combined, this reaches 47,000 individuals every week. In the last year, Clean Oceans have conducted 7 Surf Club nippers launches and 8 re-launches.

All Clean Oceans club launches are covered by local and national papers, reaching thousands of readers. Clean Oceans club launches have been featured in the Wentworth Courier, St George Leader and Southern Times among others.

In August 2018, Clean Oceans aligned with Fairfax Media to present a plastic free alternative to water logistics at the City to Surf. The City to Surf is one of the largest fun runs in the world, providing Clean Oceans with direct exposure to 80,000 competitors, in addition to significant reach through Fairfax Media. Clean Oceans had a prominently branded marquee at the starting and finishing line of the race, as well as water refill stations and bubblers, ensuring the competitors stayed hydrated and the oceans stayed clear of single use plastics. while looking after the oceans.

One key public activation Clean Oceans was a part of was the Coogee Beach Cleanup. Working in conjunction with SUEZ, the initiative involved cleaning up Coogee Beach during National Recycling Week.

Other carnivals Clean Oceans were involved in were the Ohana Surf Classic Statewide carnival, the Cronulla 4 Way carnival and the Cole Classic. There was a large turnout at all these carnivals, allowing Clean Oceans to reach thousands of people. The Ohana Classic had 6000 participants and over 10,000 spectators, while the Cole Classic reached and estimated  20,000 to 30,000 individuals. At these carnivals, Clean Oceans were able to advocate recycling practices and restrictions on single use plastics.

Clean Oceans have also partnered with schools such as East Balmain Public School, French School Maroubra, Bondi Public School and Waverley College to further the initiative.

Additionally, Clean Oceans is successfully creating digital exposure through the Clean Oceans Facebook Group and Instagram page.

2019 has a lot in store for Clean Oceans, too. From late January to March there will be 10 Surf Club activations, with an expected reach of 50,000. The SLS NSW Branch Carnival at Maroubra Beach will also create a large amount of exposure as 18 clubs will participate, reaching around 9000 nippers and 18,000 parents and officials.

Clean Oceans will continue electronic messaging to all clubs via EDM’s on a weekly basis, expecting to reach 70,000 individuals, as well as messaging via the I Love Water Facebook page, expecting to reach over 180,000. This is in addition to the continuous PR, marketing and media releases of all events via Clean Oceans’ PR agency, The Bravery, and digital media Agency, Circul8.

Clean Oceans have numerous partnerships, including SUEZ, a major sponsor for the 2018/19 season, contributing $60,000, NSW Trains supplying 2,000 branded bottles, alongside Waverley College and SLS NSW, supplying branded bottles for the 2019 surf lifesaving championships. They have also partnered with Fairfax Media for the City 2 Surf in 2018 and 2019, ASMF, a major charity for a film festival and Seafolly.

Thank you to all the partners and volunteers, without you Clean Oceans’ achievements would not of been made possible.